Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Corners

Here are a few corners of my home.
A book of poetry and a dictionary. Both were purchased in the early 1900's by my grandparents. I've been fortunate to inherit quite a few old books. The colors and texture are wonderful. The difference in manner of speech and written word between then and now is very marked.
Sometimes I cross stitch old reproduction samplers. The doll is from my childhood. The purse was my grandmother's.

Gerry and I built this cupboard from 100 + year old boards we saved when redoing our porch.
I have a small collection of red transfer wear.
I also collect different kinds of lanterns and have them scattered throughout the house.
Sometimes we turn off all the lights and have the candles and lanterns burning. After a trying day the soft light creates a mellow mood and helps us unwind.
Hope you enjoy seeing a few corners of my home.


A Romantic Porch said...

What truly beautiful corners you have indeed. I love to light all my candles too. I don't have any lanterns. Have a wonderful spring day. Love,Rachel

PAT said...

I love these glimpses of your home! Wonderful vignettes!