Monday, May 31, 2010


Thank you to all who have served and sacrificed to give us the freedom and opportunities we have today.
Thank you to all who are serving now. Thank you to the families, who support loved ones in that service.
Memorial Day can be all about picnics and the first camping trip of the year. It's great to have those times and build memories. Many times I've forgotten to reason for the holiday - to remember those who have gone before us. To take a moment to give thanks to those who have sacrificed so we don't have to go through the horrors of war or live without the freedom we experience today, to live in a democracy. So I'm taking the time to reflect, a moment to say Thank you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cozy Little Rugs

I like to have a little project that I can just pick up and work a few moments on. So I can feel creative for a moment or two in between all the happenings of a day.

I had an idea for hooked coasters. I have hooked a little, so I thought these would be a fast project. The first one I made with lots of texture, not unifying the loops, just to see how that would look.

The next on , more unified loops and color contrast.

Perfect for protecting from heat and moisture.

Cozy little old fashioned "rugs" for glass and cup.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is The Color Right?

It's a project I had been meaning to do all winter. Really, I had been talking about doing it for over a year. But I couldn't decide. What color? Sometimes going into a project I will just "know" what color something should be. But in this case.....I just wasn't sure. I have a very old kitchen. Not much has changed in it since the house was built in 1892. I have one built in base of cabinets. The rest of the kitchen has free standing cupboards. Some old, some Gerry and I build to look old, and a large walk in pantry. The built in base was a combed yellow, matching the wood work . Yellow is very sunshiny in the gray months of the Northwest. But this was getting grimy and dingy and wouldn't clean up well. But what color to paint? I have yellows, greens, red, along with natural woods. I didn't need another color to add to the mix. Finally, I decided on black - the latest neutral I'm told. Black Licorice #0529 by Miller Paint. I was really afraid it would be too bold. In reality, it is a blending influence. I like it.

For handles, I bent old serving spoons and forks and screwed them onto the doors and drawers.

There is a slight green tone in some lights to the black. Also, the texture from the combing application in the previous paint is still there, adding more dimension.
I like the pop of the silver on the black.

Most likely there will soon be a few dings. When that happens, I'll softly sand the edges and around the handles a little for a distressed look. But for now, I'm enjoying this look. I'd love to know what you think.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Introducing Handworks

I'm excited to introduce you to Handworks. You'll see the link to the left of the page. It's just a low key site to offer some of the work of my hands to you. Some of you have asked if I sell my work. The answer is "Yes" to the people I know will appreciate the work and skill involved. I do these items out of love for the craft and delight in creating. My day job (from my studio in my home) is sewing and altering formal wear. So this is a nice change for me. I hope you will enjoy my offerings to you.

Happy May Day! I'm enjoying spring. It has been a very wet one here in the Northwest. We haven't had many days to get out and work in the garden, and the ground is still heavy with water, unless you have raised beds.
Thankfully, I do have some raised beds. I've been able to start some greens.

I've been able to pick a few leaves to add to salads. YUM!
With all the moisture, perennials are growing well. The woodland Hyacinth abounds. Hope you are enjoying your May Day, and please enjoy a visit to Handworks.