Monday, March 2, 2009

Springtime Pillows

It's time to change for spring. In springtime I get restless about changing things around. New furniture is out. The easiest and most inexpensive way to change and give a new look is to change pillows. I have been playing around with a few designs in my head for several weeks. I finally put it in cloth. I wanted to do something in wool. We think of wool for winter, for warming us up. So I wanted something with bright color, lots of punch, to give the look of spring, still keeping an organic feel. This is what I've done so far. This one with the white flowers is my favorite.
I cut the base for the pillow fronts, then cut the shapes for the flowers. I sewed the flowers on by hand with pearled cotton floss. I use a random length straight stitch. Some of the petal points lift slightly and help give the flowers a look of movement.
Then I made two tulip pillows. The tulip on the yellow is flat.
The tulip on the tweed is sewn on in pieces. The tips of the tulip lift away from the pillow for a 3d effect.
Each pillow is a different size. I cut the size and shape on a whim. The backs of the pillows are pieced together. One in pieces of one color and one in random colors. They are not the size of pre-made forms. I make a form by making a "bag" out of muslin, and stuff it with stuffing. I like my pillows plump and soft. I like the bold more modern look of these, still keeping an organic, traditional concept. It was fun and very quick to make. I have a few more designs taking shape in my head.