Monday, December 7, 2009

Biscotti Smells Soooo Delightful

The wind outside is fright full and freezing but the smells inside are delightful. I'm staying warm and enjoying the aroma of Biscotti. I'm making two kinds. Peanut butter and chocolate almond.
Mixing it up.
Patting the dough into logs for baking.
Finished baking........the first time. MMMMM smells wonderful!
Sliced and ready to bake..........again.
The peanut butter biscotti is all cooled down and dipped into dark chocolate.
The chocolate almond is dipped into white chocolate and drizzled with dark chocolate.

Finished. Ready to sample a few (darlin, I said a few!) and give some to friends for holiday cheer.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fashionista Christmas Stocking

I had a sweet request from my three year old granddaughter over the weekend. "Grandma, would you please make a Christmas stocking for me colored pink?" Of course I would! Looking through my stash of "things" I went. Pink micro wale corduroy with scattered snowflakes and rhinestones in the center. White organza ribbon. Silver jingle bells. White fur. Ribbon with opalescent fringe. A white tassel. Black felt.

This is what I made for her. (Sorry about the wall color. Looks terrible with the stocking. It didn't look that way in real time.) She is a little fashionista, who loves pink and princesses.
It is now in the mail, flying to the sweetest three year old in Quebec.
With Love, From Grandma.