Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fabric Hostage

I have been in denial! I've thought of myself as a person
who is honest with myself. I haven't been.
I thought of myself as a fairly disciplined person. I'm not.
I want to say I was a hostage, I wasn't.
No, it was pure impulse. Impulse.
I was in JoAnns. I was just going to buy some sewing machine needles, nothing else. Then my eye roved over the fabrics, looking at the wonderful spring colors. Much of the time I'm happy to just look and absorb the emotion of colors and texture. This time I allowed impulse to grab me. I have to admit that I didn't try to resist very much. It was a color I usually don't attach to, so I'm still mystified why the impulse was so strong. There it was, a light aqua with aqua/white embroidered flowers. So sweet. I bought some. Then, what to do??? The color would look awful on me. It would look great on Sara, but it's too delicate for her taste right now.

It would make a lovely little girl dress and bloomers outfit.

Here it is. Ready for some little girl who is size 18 months.
The overdress has an underskirt of white batiste sewn with six pin tucks. The bloomers have an elastic waist, and are straight leg. Some lucky girl will look darling.

So I rationalize buying the fabric by saying it was business.
I'll post it to my etsy shop, d'Jean's, next week. Right after I'm back from the beach (Gerry is abducting my for our anniversary).


Esther Sunday said...

Going to a craft store is like going to Costco - you never buy JUST what you went for! I Love it!

Krista said...

So cute! I hope you enjoyed the beach this weekend, despite the Gleneden tragedy. At least I could be assured, when reading the story in the newspaper, that you and Gerry weren't wading out up to your waists. It's dangerous out there!

Julia said...

I LOVE IT!!! More baby clothes, more baby clothes!!