Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bathroom Repairs

I knew this day was coming. You know how it is. One day you notice that the drain is a little slow. The next day a little slower. One day the water starts backing up in the sink. Will, I couldn't put it off any more. It was time to act. My time as Polly Plumber had arrived.
At least there wasn't a lot of "brown" water backed up. Just a trap full of hair all tangled up into a huge ball of yuk. I'm glad for PVC pipe that is easy to take apart and put back together.
All done. Water running freely now. It just takes a few moments. Why did I wait so long? Mmmmm..... don't answer.
While I'm here, I'll show you the bathroom.

This is the sink the I just fixed. We found an old shabby table, cut a hole, and dropped the sink in. There is plenty of room on the table to set things. The table is as we found it except for the stenciling around the edges.The stenciling on the table matches the stenciling around the ceiling. Both table and mirror were found at a flea market.
I love the old claw foot tub! We all take our turn soaking. My 17 years old just took a 2 hour soak after last nights track meet. The tub is original to the house. The wainscoting around the tub is a little shabby from over 100 years of water and soap splashing on it. I believe it wears it's misuse well. We added shaker pegs to hang candles, towels, and whatever one would want within reach when in the tub. The small bench is handy for holding a book and cup of cocoa.
Many times, when soaking after a long day working in the garden, I'll light the oil lamps and candles placed around the room. There is a warm cozy glow reflecting off the marionberry colored walls.
The old coke crate sits atop the toilet, holding little nick knacks and a tin of soap.
An old wash tub sits on a cupboard full of bathroom necessities.
The room has changed very little from when the house was built is 1892. So when life seems like it's going too fast, I just come in here, run some water, and enjoy the feeling of when life was slower, and renew my energy with reflection.


Krista said...

What a cheery bathroom! Love the photos.

The Feathered Nest said...

What a fabulous tub! I'd soak in it for hours too. Love the soap dish too!