Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anniversary Weekend

Oregon Coast U. S. 101, one of the loveliest roads to travel. There are the very tourist towns, the very unique, and the depressed areas trying to catch up.

Most of the time, the coastline holds our attention.

The road winds around huge rocks, and cliffs at the edge of the ocean.

We decide to stop at Twin Rocks. The beach is wide and streaches for miles north and south.
Gerry always finds a walking stick first.

Then we find a place for a fire.

We walk the beach and marvel at this wonderful creation.

Then we sit and talk about where we have been and where our future will lead, and watch the waves roll in. The weather was nice, but not warm enough to bring the crowds to play in the water.
At the close of the day we found a Italian Restaurant in Wheeler, and ate wonderful pasta by candlelight. It has been 21 years of marriage. Our life has been very full. We have eight wonderful children. We have weathered various health issues from major back injuries to brain tumors. Completing post-graduate degrees, and starting businesses. Life's ups and downs, pain, sorrow, and great joy. So on this twenty first anniversary I say "I am blessed", and "God is faithful." I am looking forward to the next twenty or thirty.


homespun living said...

Debbie, Happy Anniversary, and may you enjoy many more. It looks like a wonderful way to spend a day ~ beautiful pictures!

Krista said...

Happy anniversary!