Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Little Shift

I had been putting this project
off for quite a while. Last night,
was the night for the updating
of this wall hanging.
Not a big change, just a shift.
I first put this together in the 1980's.
The background is brown valor.
It has worn well in the last 25+ years,
but something new is needed.
The frame is from my great grandfather.
He was a hobby painter.
Sadly, most of his paintings were stored
in a musty basement and didn't survive.
The frames are worn, but are still lovely and have
many stories to tell.
The doily is from the other side of the family,
made by my great grandmother.
I love having pieces of family history in my home.
As you can see the brown fabric is old and sagging. I've almost waited long enough to where the brown is a trend again. But this needs to change.
We are fortunate to have picture molding around each room of the house. Most Of our wall decor is hanging by covered wires from hooks, hanging from the molding.
I lifted the covered wire off the hook, and pried the wood backing off the frame.
The new fabric is a red almost burgundy poly, that has a crunched texture. I have lots of dark red accents through out the house.

I laid out the new fabric and cut it to the right size. I had thin batting fused to the board and left it there. Then fused the red fabric to the batting. Then laid the doily on the red fabric. I had a choice on how to attach the doily. I could hand stitch it on, which is the "proper " way. What I did: I cut slivers of heat and bond and lightly fused the doily to the red fabric. The heat and bond will peel off when heat is applied, if I want to change again.

Ta-DA, here is is, all finished and hanging back on the wall.

Look at all the little crochet stitches. So much patience and skill. I can imagine my great grandmother, sitting at night in her pallor crocheting is the gas light, talking quietly with her family about the days work, and what would be done the next day.

Now it is a memory, honoring family who lived before. People who lived without the conveniences we have now, worked hard on their farms, and surrounded themselves with beauty and art. I'm honored to have pieces of their lives passed to me, and treasure them.


~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Hi DEBBIE(:) thanks for stopping by
I love your beautiful brown valor /doiley wall hanging ..lovely job~~~!! SO romantic~~
I agree the ribbon box would be so cool to have ~~Yes mine are on a dowel too and they can all spin at once too
UGH ~!!!
Somday I might make the ribbon box .. well hope you have a great week and I'm adding you to my blogger fav's
Hugs Patty

Esther Sunday said...

I LOVE this! Such a great idea. I saw something like this in a decorating mag and have kept it in the back of my mind. Thanks to your project - it is now in the front of my mind! Love, Esther

A Romantic Porch said...

That is so pretty. I'm sentimental and love keepsake items like that. xoRachel

The Feathered Nest said...

It really looks wonderful! The red makes the doiley really pop!