Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sewing From The Fabric Stash

I enjoy sewing. Especially
something a little different.
This jacket is made from fabric
from my stash. The main fabric
is vintage. There was slightly
under one yard. The tapestry
fabric in the facing is about
20 years old, so almost vintage.
The buttons have a vine motif
and were rescued from a
old jacket that is now in my
wool pile of fabirc to be repurposed.

The grosgrain ribbon flower
doesn't show the ruffly edges
in the picture.

What makes this jacket a little different
are the upturned corners at the center bottom.

The back has a box pleat and a flat grosgrain bow at the top of the pleat.
Sorry that the pictures are a little blurry, I'm still learning how to use this camera.

What to do with mottled tan, brown, cream, knit fabric?
Well........Why did I pick this fabric up?
Hmm..... I tried several things, the fabric said "No!".
Does your fabric talk to you?
Finally.......this is what I came up with.
I love that the color goes in and out. It's all wrinkled , so it will still look great after sitting or being stashed in a suitcase. It will go with anything almost. It's edged with little bits of silk ribbon, just here and there, different colors. So this shrug/jacket will pick up the colors of whatever it is worn with. The hem is longer in the back for a dramatic look.

Then I crunched up the sleeve hem and added some ribbon, so the excess fabric falls gracefully over my hands.

This will be great to wear in the spring when I want something light on. It will dress up jeans, or look fantastic with a skirt.

I have a few others, I'll sow you next time.
I'm starting to feel guilty on my fabric stash. There is a lot. It's not all one kind of fabric. So I need to get creative and use some of it up before I look for more.

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Your blog is lovely. Thank you for sharing.