Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Pantry

In winter months a full pantry is a comfort.
It's a place where we have cooking
and baking supplies to prepare
to nourish our families. My kitchen is a small
turn of the century city kitchen,
so there is not a lot of work room.
A large pantry is a necessity.
The pantry is a walk in room
off the kitchen filled with shelves
from floor to ceiling.
I've filled one wall with baking dishes,
one wall with all the dry supplies
like flour, sugar, rice, beans,
dried fruits, etc.
The other side has a small table
to hold my kitchen aid and the frig.
I love to see everything in the glass jars.
Some of the jars are old and green with the zinc lids.

Off the kitchen is the back hall,
wide enough to hold the canning shelves.
It's satisfying to see the work of spring, summer, and fall resting on these shelves.
I'm trying to eat local, and live more sustainably.
So in these winter months, with the comfort of a full pantry, I plan for the next growing season. Changes need to be made. The trees have grown, shading the house keeping it cool in the hot summer, but blocking the full sun needed for growing food. I need to find the compromise and balance to fill both needs.
Meanwhile...... What's for dinner?

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