Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter surprises

The last few days I've hurried out to the "girls", fed, watered, and hurried back in. Life has been busy. Yesterday, I took more time. It's going to be colder, so I wanted to make sure the "girls" were snug, and had everything they needed. Instead of rushing, eyes on the door of the coop, I took my time to really look around the garden. It's rather bleak right now. An arbor and other garden fixtures were blown down in the high winds we've had this winter. Maybe that is part of the reason I hadn't really looked to see what my garden was offering up . I thought I would only see bleakness and lots of work. Well there is that. Then to my delight, snowdrops were smiling up at my. Then seemed to say, "See, we're here, your garden is still here. Come smell, slow down and enjoy." So I laughed and smiled, and let the girls out to enjoy the sunshine.

Here thy are: Matilda, Big Red, and Queen.
They are almost three, and have been wonderful. They dig the garden for me. They work all the leaves into the dirt among other things. They also lay wonderful eggs. In my busyness,I hadn't checked for a couple of days for eggs because, well..... there haven't been any. They surprised me yesterday. Matilda has been a very busy lady. She lays the most beautiful big green eggs. Queen and Big Red lay two different shades of brown eggs.

Aren't they beautiful? They will be soooo yummy!
I guess I've said all of this to remind myself to stop, look around, enjoy the beauty that has been given us, and see the small things instead of being blinded by what I think are huge walls.
I'm excited about getting back out into the garden and playing with the girls.


Krista said...

What a charming post! What do you plan to do with those eggs? Winter does tend to surprise. It's clear blue sky here today!

Debbie said...

A scrambled egg. A nice loaf of egg bread, with a filling from a recipe in a new bread book. and some french toast. Yum! Good food is too good! I eat too much.