Friday, January 18, 2008

Rugs for cold feet on cold mornings

Cold mornings! I'm looking for warm rugs to rest my feet on when I sit down. I'm a very visual person, so I want to enjoy looking at the rug on the floor too. I live in a house built in 1892. The insulation is nonexistent. I love the look of the wood floors (most of which I have yet to refinish). But these floors are cold! In the summer I enjoy the coolness on my feet, but not today. Since I live in a old house the rugs need to look like they belong in this old house. My decor is eclectic/period. I love the look of hand hooked rugs. Each loop set in place by hand. The slight differences in width of wool strips, color of the hand dyed fabric, and the height of loop.
Each loop is individual.
It is an art form.

So, being a make do person,
I've made a few rugs.
I find old wool fabric, in yardage or old clothing,
wash and dye it then cut it into thin strips.
And spend time hooking. Each rug has a story.

The sheep rug hangs on the wall at the top of the stairs in honor of these beings who are so generous with the wool so we can spin, weave, hook, and keep warm too.

This is a nook off our kitchen for conversation or reading. It's sunny in the summer, and
warn and cozy by candlelight in the winter.There on the floor is a hooked rug.
It was a warm spot this cold morning.

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katheryn said...

I love this nook. Its the first place to go when you wake up in the morning and the most comfortable chairs. Mom is always sitting there working on some new project and I have so many memories of sitting down and spilling out my guts to mom for hours while she just sits and listens. best place in the whole house.