Wednesday, January 30, 2008

As I was rooting around (yes, rooting around is the only way to describe it) in the fabric stash, this black wide wale corduroy kept rising to the top. It seemed to be glued to my hands. I was looking for something to go with spring. This corduroy would not leave me alone. Yes my fabric was talking to me again. So I stopped to listen. This black fabric just wanted to have a close relationship with the hot pink taffeta.
Then sitting on top of the patterns was Simplicity 3627. Perfect for bringing these two fabrics together.
This is such a quick pattern. It's a easy one for beginners, with so many options.
When the jacket was together, it just needed some other handcrafted touches.
Cotton Pearle from DMC is never far from my hands. I love to put a little embroidery on my creations. It makes things so unique. So I sewed long and short running stitches and French knots between some of the wales.

I used different colors because I like lots of colors,
and it will go with lots of things.
The facings are the hot pink and peek out
around the edges, and compliment the flower.
The flower was made by fusing the black cord to the taffeta, then cutting out petal shapes and sewing them together. Finishing it off with a vintage button in the center.
If you don't want to take time to make a jacket or a top, just add a little stitching to one you already have. It will look totally new. You will have something one of a kind that you have made do from your own hands.

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Beth said...

Oh -- I absolutely love this jacket! Not only do I wish my fabric talked to me like yours, but I also wish it would whip itself up into beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations like this one -- WOW! Wait a fabric is talking to's asking if you're taking orders...?!