Friday, January 25, 2008

Remembered Growing Season

I bring the remembrance of the growing season inside each year. Live pants do not grow well, as many of the windows in our home face north, or have deep porches shadowing them. So I compensate. Hydrangeas are in big bouquets. Every fall friends and family know they can get a large hydrangea arrangement from our yard. I love that each season the blossoms are a different color. They transform through several different colors during the growing season.

Another favorite is Lavender. I have quite a few lavender plants. Enough to make sachets, nosegays, potpourris, and more to use in cooking, soap and lotion making. I have some lavender in every room.

I have pine cones in baskets through out the house in
winter. During the holiday season, I put cedar boughs in with

Fresh flower petals are so delicate sewn on thread and huge above a door. Their fragrance waifs
through the house when you walk under the garland.

How do you bring the outside in?

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Beth said...

A wonderful part of my day is clicking on your blog and basking in your inspirational musings. The snapshots of your "Make Do Life" are delightful. What a gift to be transported for a few moments from the hectic pace of's the next best thing to actually being with you at your house!
Keep the beautiful insights coming!