Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apron Memories

My grandmother made this apron.
I remember my mother wearing it on Sunday
when company was coming for dinner.
It was special, a little fancy,
yet so useful and practical.
Our mothers and grandmothers
always wore aprons.
When did we stop?

I grew up wearing a apron
when helping my mother in the kitchen.
My grandmother made this matching apron
for my mother, sister, and myself.
When I was older I didn't wear one,
not because I didn't spill
and get stuff all over myself.
I think it was a statement,
"I'm more modern, I'm not like my mother
or grandmother.
I'm not tied to the kitchen
and laundry room with these apron strings."

Early in my sewing years,
around age 8, I made my own.
Even then I was into design details,
such as tiny triangle pockets.
I've always enjoyed cooking, baking, and sewing.
To me aprons are a symbol of those activities
and a connection to my past.
Today, I'm making a apron for one of my daughters
and one for each of her daughters.
Not as a symbol to tie them to the kitchen,
but as a symbol of our heritage,
a warmth of home.

I'll show them to you when they are finished.


Krista said...

I feel sentimental about aprons, too. I have two from Grandma hanging in my kitchen. They are "dressy" aprons she said she wore when company was coming. They're a bit sexier than one might expect a pastor's wife to wear - hot pink netting for one, and swiss-dotted, sheer red for another!

Debbie said...

Krista, Thank you commenting. I wonder if those aprons have had a secret life? If they could talk....
Today I've posted about a new apron, a little updated, yet not headed for a secret life.

shepherdgirl said...

Hi Debbie - thanks for visiting my blog today - Would you ever consider making me an apron? I love tha old vintage one shown in your post that was your grandmothers. As you know, I love aprons, and that style is perfect for my farm/art/donkey/pie baking lifestyle. You can leave me a comment on my blog - no matter what, I love your chickens, and house, and hope you'll come to our June pie day.