Monday, February 8, 2010

Crocous, Snowdrops, and Make Do

We are so Blessed in the Northwest to have a few sunny days! I wish I could send some of it to the east coast. Instead, here are a few cheery spring flowers to warm you hearts. The back yard is a carpet of snowdrops.

With so many cloudy days here, the vibrant, clear colors of spring flowers are a stimulating contrast to much of the weather. This carpet of heirloom crocus is a welcome to visitors walking to the side door.

The crocus pop up between rocks and bricks, multiplying each year.
I've seen some camellias starting to bloom. The lilacs are starting to leaf out and will soon blossom. When stepping outside today, into the sunshine, without a sweater I might add, I could feel the energy of a new season vibrating around me. Everywhere I looked I could see growth. The swelling of branches getting ready to have leaves burst forth from them. Brushing back some leaves, deposited from last year to nurture another year of life, I could see light green shoots pushing upward toward the warmth and sunshine, growing to "live" again. Yes, we will have more winter. But the cold is loosening it's hold, giving way to spring and life. Soon, I'll be spending most of my time outside. For now, well, I better finish projects that I have started. Soon the garden will call......And I will go.

One project is a bag from this book. I've made several projects from With These Hands during the winter. My mind has been full and occupied. I haven't been able to settle and design a project from start to finish this winter. Finding a project in a book that I love and working on it allows me to enjoy the occupation, yet not have to "think" much about design. Leaving my mind open to go other places. It really helps me to sort things out mentally, having my hands busy.

I'll sit, and beside me is a low stool, upon the stool in an old berry carrier. An old lace edged table scarf in draped across the carrier. I'll set my tea, embroidery, or whatever in the carrier. The stool can be moved out of the way, or to another chair easily. It's my portable "coffee" table. Using things in this manner it part of my make do life. Taking things I love, using them in my life in a purposeful way, seeing beauty in the ordinary, in the simple. I'm getting ready to say "good bye" to winter, feeling the creative life stir within. Ready to grow.

Enjoying Life,


Old World Primitives said...

Hi Debbie,
What a beautifully written post with such pretty photos to match. I am amazed that you have so many flowers already! We are buried under snow here right now with lots more on the way. Your "With these Hands" projects have all turned out so nice... I need to go look that book up too now.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Debbie... I wish you could send some of that sunshine our way for just a little while, too.
I keep reminding myself Spring is just around the corner, but it's hard to remember it when the wind chill is 18 outside... *sigh*...

UPON A HILL said...

Beautiful pics! I am looking at snow; so I enjoy the flowers. Look forward to seeing the entire outcome of your projects!