Monday, February 22, 2010

Bring Them In!

They are here! For me, daffodils are the beginning of spring. I know, by the calendar we have another month before official spring. In the northwest we revel in the week of sunshine we usually have in February. We know that there will be lots of gray and rain before the sun of July and August. We celebrate the smiling faces of daffodils, the flowering trees bursting out in color quickly following, the sunshine that comes with them, and keep them in our memory during the rains that bring the lush green and flowers to our part of the world.
I bring the bright yellow into our home and tuck them here and there,

and in odd places, such as in small bottles nestled in small open drawers.

Enjoy your rain or shine, think of what it may bring to you.


Old World Primitives said...

Hi Debbie,
Spring comes quite early for you in the Northwest! I would love to have some pick-able daffodils this soon (I just noticed the tips of them poking out from beneath the melting snow here today). The little spots that you have tucked them into look so pretty!


Debbie said...

Thanks Stephanie. We need the cheer because we have so much gray during our long spring here. Hope you have some daffodils soon.

Christine Crocker said...

Dear Debbie,

what a lucky girl you are, with daffodils blooming...mine are just green spouts underneath their leaf mulch...but it won't be long.

I enjoy seeing what you're making here, the little pocket with the bird and leaves is just the sweetest thing.

thank you so much for visiting my blog and for you sweet compliment. that was so lovely of you.

thank you thank you.

UPON A HILL said...

They make me smile; they are so beautiful. I long to see them here in Ohio!


Debbie said...

Christine and Kim, Thank you for visiting! The blooms will come soon. I'm glad you enjoyed them.