Monday, November 30, 2009

Slip Covering a Worn Chair and Wool Things

Gerry loves it. He sits in this chair everyday in the sitting nook of our kitchen. It has seen a lot of years and hard use. I think it's time for an upgrade, but he loves it, and I'm not one to go out and buy new furniture. So, the easiest thing to do it give us what we both want. He keeps his favorite chair, I get rid of the worn look. Now, I like the worn artful look in many things, but not in this chair. It's worn without the art. I had been on the lookout for some upholstery fabric on the sale table. I finally scored in Sept. when JoAnns was having 50% off the sale table. So for $3.00 per yard, I was able to make a slip cover for the chair.

I like how it turned out. not too loose, fairly snug. The colors and pattern blend well with what I already have, and add to the cozy feel of the room.

Instead of ties, I used buttons and button holes. Ties made with this fabric would be too bulky and not stay tied very tightly. Buttons hold it tightly together. I'm really pleased with the upgrade.

Some other projects I've been working on are from the book With these Hands by Maggie Bonanomi.

A table runner used at Thanksgiving.

An unfinished piece of wool draped over the back of a chair.

I changed the name in the pattern to ours and changed the date, to the date when our house was built.
A small pin cushion, in remembrance, "from me, to thee". I'm really enjoying this book. The style goes with the primitive nature of our home. It is inspiring me to do more work with wool. As I've said before, wool is so flexible and forgiving. I love working with it. These designs are classic, simple, quick and easy to do.


Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

You did a great job. That is a nice compromise. He gets to keep his chair and the chair gets a great new look. The fabric is very pretty.

Debbie said...

Thank you Denise.