Friday, February 22, 2008

Old and New

I found this old drying rack.
It was in a thrift store,
under some unidentified stuff
all dusty and forlorn. I loved the look of it,
all old worn wood. Now its hanging
in the upper corner of the sitting nook,
in the kitchen. Old tea towels from my grandmothers, with delicate embroidery, and laces. Hanging with dried flowers.
Much the same as they might have hung 100 years ago.

I'm sure you've noticed,
I tend to collect old things.
It's not to live in a museum. I like the time worn feel, the connection to people and the sustainable way of life they lived each day. I live with these old things that are useful, and do use them.
Not everything is old.
Sometimes, Gerry and I make something, like the step back cupboard in the right of the picture.

The corbels are salvaged with a newer piece of distressed wood for the shelf. The bowls were from Gerry's grandmother.

The lamp is above the sink. Sometimes in the early morning, I'll light it, and several others around, and fix the kids lunches and breakfast by lamplight.

One Christmas, Krista gave me this pewter.
I loved it! Where to put it????
I had seen shelves like this, but never the right size, or the right color. I wondered, "How hard can it be to make?"
Gerry had found these boards (already green) at the beach. They were just sitting "around".
So I figured our measurements, and made a pattern for the curves on the sides.
We had it cut out, put together, and on the wall above the stove that afternoon.

So I incorporate old and new, making a time worn look, but living in today's world.
How do your incorporate the old and new?

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A Romantic Porch said...

Wonderful bag, so creative. I love the "old" items. xo Rachel