Monday, February 25, 2008

Goodwill goodies

Went To Goodwill Sat. I don't go that often. I was looking for a black leather skirt or jacket for a project. I found just what I was looking for immediately, so decided to browse a bit. Dangerous thing to do. It was a good day at Goodwill. I saw a lady walk by with a cute small table.......just a little paint.....another lady with a neat! great basket........Look at that fabric!!!!! Retro 70's. Right out of high school.

This fabric would look awful in my home, so I have to think of something fun to do with it. I just couldn't resist. The flowers are so huge!! The colors vibrant. Maybe a potting apron? Or big market bag? Pillows for the porch? It's a medium weight polished cotton.

Then I saw these fence finals sitting on the shelf. When I brought them home my daughter wanted to know if I had bought spear heads, and wondered if she could use them on her brother. No, No, No, blood lusting girl! Although.......... No. Really, I thought I could attach them to short pieces of pipe, put them into the ground and use them as hose guides.

Now, Finally,......The reason I went to find black leather. The other day I was reading this blog. In her Jan 10 post she had made a bag and gave a link for this pattern.

I thought the bag would look great made from black leather.

I found a long Gap skirt. It was rather sad to cut it up, was on to a better life.
Some of the instructions were a little unclear, but I worked it out.
This is it!
I bought the D-loops, toggle-clips, and chain at the ACE.
I like the option of using the hole to hold it on my shoulder, or the long strap. The long tassel hanging by the chain is just fun. The bag has three inside pockets. One large zippered pocket, one medium open pocket, and a pleated pocket for my cell phone.

The skirt was $4.99. The hardware was under $5.00. So my afternoon project was under $10.00. I had an afternoon of fun, and a great bag.


homespun living said...

Wow, your bag looks fabulous. What an excellent job you did, and, I love the price!
Nice Goodwill finds!


The Feathered Nest said...

Your bag looks so good! What a great idea! I think that fabric would look fun as apron

Krista said...

So cool!