Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fabulous Bread

I love bread! I make loaves,
rounds, white, wheat,
mixed grains, muffins,
scones, coffee cakes.
I love the whole process. I wouldn't dream of using a bread machine,
and don't knock those who do.
There is something so wonderful about fresh bread. The aroma, the taste, mmmmm!
I start out mixing in my kitchen aid,
then turn it out onto a board to knead.
I just love getting my hands
into the dough and feel it go
from sticky to soft and elastic.

A while back I found this book . It's fabulous!
This last weekend, I made the Mixed Garden Sandwich Loaf. Halfway through the process I thought about taking pictures and sharing with you.
Here it is all rolled out with saute`ed veggies, fresh spinach, and jack cheeses on top.

Then I rolled it up like a log and baked it.

out of the oven.
It smells sooooo

Cut open, the cheese is soft and warm. It's already a sandwich, fresh garden veggies all baked inside.

Next, I try the Cranberry, Currants, and Cream Cheese Bread, or maybe Peanut Butter-Choc0late fudge bread, or Concord Grape Bread, or........ I'm sure I'll try them all soon.

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Esther Sunday said...

OMgosh - this looks sooooo yummy. Nothing like homemade bread - hey, if I give you my address, can you mail that loaf to me? Love, Esther