Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day,
as usual I have procrastinated.
Several years ago I made this heart.
The pattern is from Kindred Spirits.
I love there designs. They do a lot in wool.
I made this heart from re purposed wool
and vintage buttons.
I really like the wool eyelet trim.
I will do some valentines based on this design.

First I started with this pile. It seem like I always start with a pile of things, adding to and taking away, as the project progresses.

Then created a design, based on the
Kindred Spirits

Then cut it out, and create the eyelet edges and trim. I just cut out a scalloped edge, then used two sizes of hole punch. The punches don't go all the way through the wool, so I had to turn it over and cut off the little tags.

Then sewed the pockets on with pearl cotton floss. I used a running stitch, and French knots at the three corners.

Finished Product! Ready to fill with wonderful goodies. Hope the kids don't peek!
Have a wonderful day with you loved ones!

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frenchcanadianmissionary said...

I'm impressed with the frequency of your blog postings! You're turning into a regular blogista!