Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What's happening in the Yard?

What's happening in the yard? I walk around several times a day, just looking. Each time I focus on something different.
Usually, the ladies will join me, clucking and talking about everything around.

The Juniper's Beard is starting to bloom. It will bloom till fall, a nice bright red.
The garden sage is about ready to bloom. Now is the time to harvest, and dry some for winter.
The Rhubarb is still producing a little.

I just put some impatiens in the front under the trees. They are always so sweet.
I transplanted 6 echinacea plants from the back. They grew from seeds dropped from older plants. They look nice and happy in the new beds in front.
Also transplanted from the back, baby lavender. I have 10 older plants in the back next to a bricked sitting area. Seeds from the lavender fall into the sand between the bricks and start growing. I'm able to harvest 8 or 10 plants each spring. Usually, I give the lavender away. This year I planted then into a boarder area in the new beds in front.
Lots of columbine in different colors growing in shaded areas. This plant grew up through the rosemary.
This year I've planted lettuce and spinach in this old wheelbarrow. There are a few rusted holes in the bottom. It makes for good drainage. I can move them around to the shade when the sun starts shining, which is this afternoon!! It looks like it's time to harvest some.
Of course, I didn't show you the unfinished projects, or the places I haven't cleaned up yet. You will get to peek at all that later. Now, I'm going to take advantage of the sun and work on some of the projects. Enjoy your garden today.


Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I just love the lettuce in the wheelbarrow. I think it is one of the cutest things I ever saw. I am now on the hunt for a wheelbarrow. I may just leave right now. Okay, I will look this weekend.
Thank you for the nice comments on my folder and easel. I love to work with paper. One day soon I will get it together and get my Etsy site up and going. I am just so busy right now with outside and inside cleaning.

Krista said...

Looks perfect for a backyard picnic!