Friday, May 23, 2008

Flowers, Reading, and Memories

Centaurea montana, also known as Mountain Bluet, or Perennial Cornflower, is a cousin to the Bachelor's Button. As you can see, it's in full bloom right now. I love their spidery petals.
They are perennial, and self seeding. They are really good at blocking out weeds. They are good as a cutting flower. They bloom well into summer. They are so easy to grow and are very hardy.
I know, this pile of wood chips isn't beautiful, but I'm so glad it's here. Our city maintenance crew goes around cutting tree branches that are causing problems for the wires. We call the city office and get on a list. When our name is at the top, they come knocking on the door asking us where we want the chips dumped. These are evergreen fir chips. I'll use them for walk ways around the garden.

Beth gave this book to me this past weekend. If you have been wondering about an organic lifestyle, read this book. It's not just about cooking, chickens, and gardening (there is a page about pigs too). It's about skin care, alternative energy, how to make your own polish for your wood floors.
A slice about everything. I've enjoyed the read. Thanks Beth!

This weekend remember all of our people who can't be with their families. Remember those who have served our country. We all have different views about the military, it's action, and how it is used in politics past and present. For right now, let's put that aside, and appreciate their willingness, and what they have given of themselves to us.
Thank you!
Enjoy, and make memories.


Adrienne said...

Thanks for sharing your Mountain Bluet. I have one in my garden - it's beautiful right now - and I didn't know it's name. Even my dear little mother who usually knows most of what grows around here didn't know. ~Adrienne~

cityfarmer said...
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cityfarmer said...

Hey I just saw this book at Anthropologie today....I must ask for it for my birthday....FUN

Thanks for mosy-ing on over.
Bless you

Krista said...

So that's what those blue flowers are! They have absolutely taken over the area out by my back fence, and now are threatening to totally choke out even our gate itself. I have to trample it down every time I go out there, because even though I pull them out several times a year, I can't keep up! I've been wondering forever what they are. Any tips?

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I think we all could be a bit more green. I will google the book. I see that someone saw it at Anthropologie, so I guess it is current.
I hope you are enjoying a nice long weekend. I will remember those who are serving our country and who have served in the past.