Monday, May 19, 2008

More Weekend Memories

I had a GREAT weekend! I hope you did too. One daughter and cousin came to visit. My youngest daughter asked one of her older sisters to come down and take her to see the Prince Caspian movie that came out this weekend. When that happens, the family in the area come home also. It's a rather festive time when a bunch of us get together. We spend lots of time just talking catching up on whats happening in each others lives in greater detail, and revisiting memories. Friday we girls hnd lunch in Portland at St. Honore Boulangeris. It's a French bakery and deli.
They make all this wonderful handcrafted bread. The aroma is fantastic! It's all made in the French manner. They even have French newspapers, for people who know French, to read.
Bread and pastries are baked in this huge brick oven. You can sit and watch them make everything.

The pastries were very tempting........but.....They have a large verity of salads and other lunch items to chose. We ate our lunch at tables outside in the bright sun. Of course, we couldn't leave without buying some bread. The girls said the bread was the size and weight of carrying a baby around.
After, we went to Anthropology's to browse. They have so much to for the senses.
I really wanted to bring this sofa home with me. The pillows would be fun too. It looks like people have already been sitting on it in our home.
A fun weekend making more memories.


Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Sounds like you had a very nice day. The cafe looks very inviting. I love Anthropologie, but have never been to their store. I get their catolog. They are very pricey, but ideas are free. The only time my pillows are neatly placed on the couch, is when I am home alone. I could use a few new pillows now that I think of it.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I love the Anthropologie store and pastries, great combination. Thanks for stopping by, Theresa