Thursday, May 15, 2008

Giving Neighbors

I live at the edge of a National Historical District. Many people around me live in old homes, and appreciate vintage and antique items. We all seem to have an extra period door, molding, or some architectual detail left over from a restoration project. We pass it to someone who is in need for their current project. We pass other things around also. Things that seem to belong in another home.
I tend to have a more primitive style. A neighbour of mine, Carol, has a more Victorian style. Carol knocked on my door. She was holding this roaster. She has had is pan for years and loves it. She has been going through things, she knew that "down the road" her family wouldn't want the roaster. They didn't like her few primitives. She knew I would appreciate it and would enjoy having it around.
This roaster was made for a flat top, wood burning stove. The rim of the bottom elevates the bottom of the pan, so it doesn't sit directly on the heat source. Thank you Carol!!! I will love giving this roaster a new home.


Adrienne said...

That is an incredible roaster pan. What National Historic District are you close to? I love to visit them all around our area. You're not too far from me. ~Adrienne~

homespun living said...

I like it! What a wonderful gift to receive.


Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I love an unecpected matter new or old. If someone is thinking of you, what is wrong with that? have a nice weekend in the northwest. denise

A Romantic Porch said...

Debbie, That pan is so awesome. I have never seen one like it. I grew up with a wood burning stove in the kitchen that mother cooked on during the cold seasons of the year. She used a "normal" stove when it was hot. But she never had any pans like that. I think it is wonderful that your neighbor gifted it to you!

PAT said...

Beautiful roaster, Debbie. I love that color blue. Once upon a time we had an old coffee pot that color.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Nice!! I've never seen one with a bottom like that. How sweet of your neighbor to not only think of you, but to follow through!
Smiles, Karen