Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The first day of February. Snowdrops abound. The crocus will be showing their colors soon, as well as the daffodils.
It's still chilly here, really cold at night. I brought some snowdrops inside to cheer things up. Spring will be here soon.

I need to quickly finish projects inside, the garden will be demanding all my time soon.
My prayers are with you in the east. May you stay safe and warm during this storm.


Christine said...

Yes, I'm ready for spring!
I love the sight of daffodils and snowdrops peeping above ground but they are very slow to make an appearance here.
Wishing you a blessed week!

Paula said...

Those are beautiful Debbie~ and a wonderful reminder that spring can't be too far away... (I hope...)
No snow for us this time, *Thank goodness* just more cold wind.

Penny said...

Your snow drops are lovely.


Look beyond the picket fence said...

I have never heard of snowdrops. But they look beautiful! I bought a small potted white mum a few weekes ago. I needed a little bit of spring in the house, too!
Have a great week!