Monday, January 31, 2011

Sweet Addition

My cousin and her husband have been waiting for this for years. Finally, they are crowding 9 months of expecting into about 3 weeks. Their little boy was born, soon they will hold him in their arms and take him home. What a blessing after years of waiting, and hearts crying to be mother and father.
To celebrate, I've made this sweet little baby tux for him. Made from scraps of a wedding dress, vintage lace and vintage mother of pearl buttons.
I'm so excited to meet my new little cousin!

In another part of my life, my son and his company made it safely into the nether regions of Afghanistan. A few posts ago, I talked about sewing these patches into his clothing. He left a few in his room. My husband came down and said they would make a great bracelet.
I got out the findings, and here it is.

My husband wears it, a reminder to pray throughout the day. (does he really need reminding???)

I am at peace with him there. Thank you for your prayers for all out servicemen.
Now, what is the next project? The list is long. Which one do I chose? LOL
Thank you for visiting!


Christine said...

OHHHH how truly beautiful for your new little cousin! Congratulations to all concerned!
God bless you and your family as your son serves in Afghanistan.
Best wishes

Look beyond the picket fence said...

You do have many talents! That little tuxedo looks like it could be passed on for generations. The bracelet is priceless. I hope you let us know when you hear from your son. Also, thanks for the encouraging words you left on my blog today. I just feel like I am in a creative rut! But I guess I am comfortable with a certain style.

Mindy/Raymond Homestead said...

The tuxedo is adorable! You are so talented! I like the bracelet, what a neat idea. Prayers for your son and all those who are serving.

Paula said...

The baby tux is the cutest thing ever, Debbie- I love it!
And I love the bracelet~ that was a wonderful idea. It turned out great!