Friday, January 21, 2011

Organizing and Sewing

I can't take the credit. After the new year, my studio looked like a tornado touched down. Everything was a mess. Piles everywhere. One daughter was over, I went in the studio, sighed, "I need to clean this up" I said. She walked right in and started picking things up, moving things around.
After two days, things are reorganized and usable. It was wonderful. I played with the baby, she cleaned and organized. Now it's just a little messy, cause I've been playing in it again. lol

I have LOTS of stuff. The sewing stuff. The painting stuff. The book making stuff. The different kinds of fabric for clothing, quilting, formal wear, and upholstery, and other home decorating. The vintage lace and fabric scraps. Books about all of that, along with gardening, and medicinal herbs. I'm not bragging about the amount of stuff. Just justifying to myself the reason why I have so much, so I shouldn't get rid of it (and have more room to work), cause I use stuff from the stash all the time. It does make things crowded and easy to be overwhelmed when I get several projects going a once.

I like the way she hung some finished pieces on a old six pained window frame that are not out on display right now, next to hanging baskets, and bags.

I finally got to sew something for myself. It's an upgraded hoodie. I used a Burda pattern. The fabric is a blend of cotton and silk, French Terry knit. I love the feel of this fabric.

I think I be wearing this a lot.

I made this jacket from a gently worn wool suit several years ago. Another folk art clothing item, all pieced together. When I first made it the styles were rather boxy. I haven't worn it for a couple of years, because it looked so .......frumpy. It's light, but warm, and very comfortable to wear. Today I spent a little time taking it in. You can't see it well, but it does have some curves now.

My favorite part of the jacket is the scalloped hem.
How is your weekend? There are still two days to do fun things. Enjoy!
Thanks for taking time to visit.


Christine said...

Isn't it strange!? Even with more space I still manage to clutter it up quickly and lose things?
You have a great work space.
I love the scalloped edge on your jacket - have to admire your skills!
Enjoy your weekend!

Look beyond the picket fence said...

That is a great place to create! That is so nice of your daughter to help you get organized! I hate the fact that it can take hours to clean and about ten minutes to start the mess all over again! But the finished product is always worth the mess. Well, most of the time. I would say that is an upgrade on a hoodie! It looks very comfortable! I am sure you will wear it alot!

Mindy/Raymond Homestead said...

How nice of your daughter to help you tidy up! Looks like some nice finished pieces there hanging on the window. Love the jacket!

Paula said...

Oh Debbie~ I just love your little crafty corner of the world! *squeeeal*
And how sweet of your daughter to pick up after you... *grin*...
I love love love the hoodie~ I've never heard of a Burda pattern... where did you get it?
And the coat is wonderful... I LOVE the stitching around the edges!
I need to come over and see all your projects! *LOL*

Melissa said...

What a great little room you have. :) I love your blog. Am now following from Australia. :)

Gayle said...

Bet it feels so good to be a little more organized! I love your recycled jacket - would love to make something similar from an old heavy wool coat that I have. Can you remember what pattern you used?