Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Pad Cover Solution

My Children gave me a wonderful "little toy" for Christmas. An I Pad. I love it! I use it much more than I thought I would. I'm getting on line all the time now, just looking things up. Before it would have been inconvenient to go upstairs, just to look something up on a whim. Now I just grab the handy I Pad, with a few touches, I have the info, and I'm back doing whatever. My fear it is that I might drop it and kill it. What to do??  I went to the Apple store to look at covers. I was rather uninspired. Nothing looked right. Nothing was really in my budget. So I thought about it.... and....  bought this piece of leather, and made this case.  I like the rough organic look of it. The wavy, natural edge of the flap. I used heavy pearled cotton to whip stitch the sides together.

 I made a removable padded pocket also. I mostly stays in the case, but can side out.

Something so very simple, but so right for me.  
Thank you Dear Children!
Now, I need to figure out how to load my pictures from my camera to the pad so I can use it for blogging too. lol

Thank you for visiting. Blessings,


Paula said...

Oh, Debbie~ that is a neat idea!!Beautiful fabric, too. I would think those iPads are very delicate, and I wouldn't want to leave the house with it if it wasn't in a case or cover.
Way to go, kiddos!

Christine said...

That is a fantastic cover! I love it!
And if I was blessed to own an i pad, I'd order one from you! You should start selling them to Apple!
Best wishes

Look beyond the picket fence said...

What a great gift! I know I would be afraid to drop it, too. A custom made leasther case, great idea. I love the color.