Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wooly Projects

I love wool. I love the process, from fleece, to spinning, to weaving. When dyed, there is so much depth to the color. Each part of the fiber "takes" the dye differently. As a fabric, it is soft, yet firm, stable, yet giving. So when I thought of a new table runner for fall, I knew I wanted to make it from washed, overdyed wool, to capture to aura of the season. First, I chose some wool scraps that reflected the season's colors.
Then I cut out maple and oak leaves of different sizes and colors.
Then scattered them around.
Sewing the leaves with embroidery floss, using a straight stitch, leaving knots and tails on top.
Finishing the runner by cutting up about 6 inches and tie with an overhand knot to create a fringe. Giving it a scarf look. The fall colors and wool look good on the scrubbed pine table. It was a fun project. It turned out well and inspired me. So of course I had to do a few other things to celebrate the new season.A pumpkin pillow for the bench on the front porch. It's made from wool and repurposed cotton fabric.
I machine appliqued the pumpkins.
Then used strips of wool for tie closures at the side. The Boo pillow is all wool. The foundation is pieced from a salvaged wool jacket. and the Boo s from a salvaged wool skirt. I just top stitched the Boo on the foundation, letting the letters fray a bit.
Fun and easy. The day after I finished these the weather changed from very warm to cool. The leaves started falling. Fall is here. Celebrate!


old world primitives said...

Hi Debbie,
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I really like the fall pillows that you made, and especially the table runner. The quilt in your blog header is gorgeous too!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oooh--I love your new tablerunner! So cute, and I like how you left the knots up-top. What a wonderful way to re-use woolies by making your porch pillows! Very nice Debbie!
Smiles, Karen

Krista said...

those are lovely! With everyone still at home (yay!) back in school, I'm glad you're taking a little time for your own fun.

Manuela said...

The pumpkin pillow is just wonderful and I love the table runner. You inspire me to give it a try!!