Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Biking Again

I finally did it! I bought a bike. I had one a lot of years ago, one with a trailer, so I could bike with the youngest kids, but they were stolen. So now, years later, I have one again. I'm also finding a few muscles that have been neglected. This bike is a FUJI Crosstown. It has 8 speeds, just right for biking errands. It's not made for the road trips.
I love the basket. There is a little frame the fits over the handle bars that holds the basket. With a twist of the handle, the basket comes off, so I can carry it right into the store. It also came with a little cute dinging bell. I don't think too many cars will hear the bell. I think bikes need to come equipped with the big horns the semi trucks have. But it is a cute retro look. To be honest, on the hot days (90's) I haven't been out with it. But most days, if I don't have errands, I'm off on a ride just for the exercise. I added fenders so I won't have the excuse not to ride in the rain. I'm feeling good about this. Saving gas, money, and getting much needed exercise.


Jenn Maruska said...

Good for you! Great exercise - and good for the environment, too.

Very cool that you can take the basket shopping with you. : )

Farm Chick Paula said...

LOVE the bike, Debbie!!
I used to ride all the time... Hubby and I have our bikes stored in the barn loft where they are doing us A LOT of good!! LOL

CARole said...

I just found your blog today and read every post. I enjoy hearing what other gals passions are. I especially love it when others seem to enjoy their home so much. I too enjoy cooking and baking but have never canned anything, but I have made homemade strawberry jam. Those pears look beautiful. I did notice that you have not posted for a while, so I hope you will come back and post more. Come over for a visit. Love that you live in an old house too! One of my passions.
Happy day