Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unexpected Pears

A week before the wedding, my future brother-in-law arrived with a gift. He had been watching a pear tree in a field close to his home. The time was right for picking pears. He brought over a large box. I was so thankful for the pears. I love fresh pears, then canned pears in the winter. Inside my head I was wailing, "When will I have time to put these up in the middle of preparing for a wedding?????"
Unexpectedly, one morning the schedule was rearranged. My opportunity! 19 quarts of summer sunshine ready to enjoy this winter. Thanks for the unexpected, wonderful gift.


PAT said...

Thanks for coming by the back porch Debbie and your sweet comment!

Your pears look so good! Have you ever made Pear Honey? J loves Pear Honey. His aunt makes it now and then. I've never made it, though. I've made other jams etc, but never that one.

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

The pears look lovely. I would love to try to can something or make a simple jam. I am hesitant because of sterilizing the jars and all that. Great job!