Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weaving Worms

It seems so intimidating! All those warp ends, so easily mixed up and knotted. If dressing the loom isn't done right, the weaving is harder to do and the whole thing could look awful. So I console myself, "It's my first project on a big loom". " Irregularities will make it seem more charming and one of a kind." You know how it is when you start something new, you really want to do it well. You really want it to look nice. I mean do you really work on a project and say to yourself," I want this to look like trash" when I'm done?
Well, time to get started. Dressing the loom. Putting all those threads through the slots, then through the heddles. I'm making a "rag" rug. When I went to the Pendleton Wool outlet, I purchased a bag of "worms". Worms are the long strips cut off the edges of their blankets. Pendleton sells them to weavers for rug making.
Dressing the loom took longer then weaving the rug. It's something I could sit for a few moments and weave two or three shots, leave, then come back later and do more. Almost done here. I'm taking it off the loom. Weaving worms is really messy. There is soooo much fuzz from the cut edges. Then all these little pieces of worm that break off. The floor is littered.
Here is the rug next to some "worms". I have enough for about 8 more rugs. A little goes a long way.
Finally finished, and on the wood floor in the dining room. Yes there are some mistakes. It just adds to the charm and makes it more one of a kind. It was fun, and I want to make a few more. Now I wont be nearly so intimidated.


Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Wow, you are very talented! So, you will have enough to make 8 more rugs. The one you made looks great on the floor! The term "worms" does not seem to fit the end result.
Years ago, I made a Pendleton scarf for my aunt. I was thinking about buying a little wool and making myself a scarf. I wonder if Jo Ann's carries Pendleton?

Debbie said...

You might be able to find Pendleton wool at JoAnns, but I haven't seen it there. You could visit Pendleton's blog and see all their selections and mail order some. Their wool is fantastic!

Krista said...

I love it! The rug looks so cozy and warm, and it's perfect on that wood floor.

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Thanks, I think I will try their site. I have so many ideas...

Wendy Maureen said...

Love the rug! Are these the Pendleton "selvages" or the "woolly worms"?