Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dedication Gown

Another niece to arrive soon.
The mother and her family are 3000 miles away.
No problem having a baby shower.
We had a SKYPE shower.
Family gathered on the west coast.

Each one bringing a gift.
One by one we sat in front of the camera and showed our gift.

I made a dedication gown.

My great grandmother was a frugal lady.
She also love beautiful things.
She made fabulous laces.
When something wore out, she would save  buttons and trim to reuse.

Some of that lace has been passed on to me.
Now I'm passing it on to the next generation.

Pin tucks on the bodice with vintage buttons.
Lace edge puff sleeves.
Large tucks at the bottom with lace and ruffle.
Underslip hemmed with more vintage lace.
Vintage button closer in back
Wrapped and tied with a hand made silk ribbon.
It's a joy to pass it on.

This is one of my favorite things to make.


Paula said...

Oh my, Debbie- that is so delicate and beautiful it almost brings tears to my eyes!
How wonderful that you are able to use the past with the present!

Patti said...

A truly stunning gift!
How perfect!
I love how your "a make do life" incorporates technology to make do - and celebrates family traditions in a new way!
Blessings, Patti
p.s. Congrats on winning Mindy's wonderful penny mat! Enjoy!

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

What a beautiful gown! Well, I'm not really sure 'beautiful' covers it! You can surly feel the love in that gown that you have made, extending through the generations! The lace from you G Grandmother is reaching through time, linking arms with the other women in your family, sharing their love, hopes, dreams with a fresh from heaven child that is part of them.

OK, I got a little carried away.... lol so can you tell how much I love my grandmothers and aunts and the things they left behind.
But really, what a gift you have made and shared. It's much more than a dress.

My lovely Life said...

Thats a nice way to handdown stuff!I love lace on lil girls!

Penny said...

Oh my goodness Debbie - the dedication dress you made is absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure the new Baby will look stunning in ti.