Monday, December 13, 2010

No Show and Tell

What Pictures can I show you? Show and tell is hard to do right now, because everything I have been working on are presents. I would hate to ruin a surprise. There are a few people who will stop by and see what I'm wrapping up to give to them. Sooooooo....instead, I'll show you one or two things around the house.
I love the old world Father Christmas. He sets the tone for the long ago Christmas flavor we try to keep in our home. Lots of greens and garlands. Old Christmas theme stitchery, jungle bells, and candles everywhere.

One example of a candle arrangement is: a wooden bowl, old silver that I have bent to hang and hold a small candle, a hurricane, and spices.

I put the hurricane in the bowl, added star anise, allspice, rose hips, cinnamon sticks and cloves. around the outside of the hurricane. I hooked the twisted silver spoons on the edge of the hurricane and set the candle on the bowl of the large serving spoon. It sets next to an angel and a old wooden cake pedestal holding orange and clove pomanders, covered with a old wire dome. All draped with a wool garland proclaiming "Joy to the World".

During the dark time of the year I hate to get out of bed and have all the lights in the house on. It seems so intrusive all the lights blazing. I like to wake up gently. I use candles and oil lamps in the mornings while I make the morning coffee (cocoa for me), breakfasts, and lunches.

My husband comes down to join me for a candlelight breakfast. It's a quiet and intimate time, starting the day together in the soft glow, watching the light grow out the windows. It helps keep a relaxed atmosphere, a time when we don't have to rush.

I hope you are enjoying this season. These special times spent with family and friends are a time apart from the everyday. A time for memories to be made.
Thank you for letting me share with you,


Christine said...

Hello Debbie! I so enjoyed your post and the beautifully simple arrangements you pictured.
Wishing you and your loved ones a very blessed Christmas!

krista said...

I wish I could come for breakfast!

Katheryn L. Hutt said...

Can I move back in??