Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fall, Tea, and Comfort Food

The leaves are still here, gorgeous, falling. I love the fogy mornings, the earth wearing a mantel of shrouded mystery. Soon the color will be gone, .....on the ground for me to rake. Fall......
it's time for comfort meals, cozy quilts, hot chocolate, spiced cider, crackling fires, and tea with friends.

Comfort foods aplenty here. The Oregonian featured this Bacon, Onion, Upside down Cornbread last week. Baked in a cast iron pan.

Very yummy! And pares well with soup. I made a Split Pea soup.

I started a new project. Using recycled wool, wool and cotton scraps. In the style of Maggie Bonanomi, who designs 19th century-inspired primitive projects, I made a Tea Cozy.

I made openings on each side of the cozy. One for the spout, and one for the handle. Tea may be poured without removing the cozy and losing heat.
There is a different design on each side.

I'm also spending time snuggling with my newest granddaughter, Emery Abigail.

Looking at the beautiful, bright warm tones of leaves gently swirling to the ground, I'm reminded of how rich and warm life is. I hope you are enjoying your fall.


Anonymous said...

I would love the recipe for the delicious cornbread.. I have never baked in cast iron pans.. I've read the pans must be seasoned is this right? Your cornbread looks wonderful!

Debbie said...

Andy, I found the link and add it to the post for the recipe. It is delicious. Cast iron pans are easy to season. Just rub them all over with solid shortening, then bake them for a couple of hours. Do this every so often until they get the nice patina of cast iron. Don't use soap or detergent on them or you will have to start over on the seasoning again. I've had mine for years, they cook beautifully, and are no stick now.Thank you for visiting.

Christine said...

I love your tea cozy!
And what a gorgeous little granddaughter!
Best wishes

Look beyond the picket fence said...

I am a big fan of your work! The tea cozy is so cute. The corn bread looks great, I would love to try to make one. I am enjoying what is left of fall. It is a sea of brown leaves in our yard.

Look beyond the picket fence said...

How could I have forgotten to mention your granddaughter, she is beautiful!

Paula said...

Oh, Debbie- the tea cozy is simply gorgeous!!! I would love to have one like that with a rooster, but I haven't been able to find a pattern.
The cornbread dish sounds soooo yummy- I'll bet my hubby would love that. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful creations- I always love seeing what you've been up to!!

Mindy said...

Love your tea cozy and cute picture of your granddaughter!

Look beyond the picket fence said...

Happy Thanksgiving!