Monday, June 21, 2010

Unexpected Father's Day

I've had to re-arrange my kitchen area. It has taken on the look of an old world kitchen. Well, it has always looked a little that way, but now it has the traditional sick bed off to the side. This space was my little sitting nook off the kitchen. For now, it will be a space where my husband will spend time resting, yet able to look outside, and keep in the hub of the family.
Saturday night we had been sitting by the fire in the back yard, just taking time to relax. My husband went to get a piece of wood and fell over a spot of uneven ground. His ankle didn't twist with the rest of his body. He had broken both bones by his ankle and dislocated the ankle joint.
We spent most of the night at the ER. Now he is wearing this.
Thankfully, we had a family dinner planned at our home for Father's day. Although we were tired, the BBQ went on as planned. We still ate strawberry shortcake for dessert. It seemed though, that the spirit of the celebration was a little different. We were thankful for and honored the fathers in our family. We were very thankful that this dad was here, yes, looking forward to surgery next week and a long recovery, but here, with us.


Look beyond the picket fence said...

Oh, it sounds so nice sitting by a fire and to have the evening end like that. I hope he is up and around very soon.

Mindy said...

Wow, that was a bummer. Hope he is doing well and up and about in no time!