Monday, June 14, 2010

Mad Dash Into The Garden

We finally have had a few sunny days here in the Northwest. Yeah! So those of us who garden have made a mad dash out to our gardens. I'm enjoying the bright spot my new garden clogs bring, along with the riot of madly growing plants and festive blooms.
With all the rain we have had, (three times the norm in May and more than the average monthly rainfall for June in the first five days) I was afraid the plants might drown. No worries! They are growing crazily. Along with the weeds! My compost pile is huge!

Many blooms are a little late, but the wait is very much worth it. The windows in the background are to the chicken coop. The "Ladies" worked very hard early spring and cultivated the raised beds, while ridding the beds of many slugs and bugs. Now the lettuce and spinach, etc, are without pest.

Saliva spires stand tall, while Jupiter's beard waves it's crimson arms. The Rebecka (black-eyed Susan) in the foreground have not set their blooms yet.

Dames Rocket and Giant Inula, stand under the bird houses, hosting a new family this spring.
Being in the garden on one of my favorite things to do.


Cordwood Cabin said...

The garden is beautiful -- it reminds me of old English gardens, with plants growing shoulder to shoulder and intertwined ... here, however, that beautiful method becomes an excellent spot for snakes, so we're forced to rely on lots of spacing and shrubs!

Carole said...

You have created beautiful gardens. Love your garden shoes too!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Your garden is so beautiful! Those garden shoes are so cute where did you get them?


Krista said...

Wonderful writing!

The Gingerbread House said...

I enjoyed the visit to your blog and hope hubby is healing well.
I loved your new clogs :o) I would love a pair ..where on Earth did you find them? :o)
your garden looks beautiful. by now you probably have ever thing put away. Ginny