Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More than sipping Tea

I've been doing a lot more than just sitting around sipping tea. Sorry for being gone. Things are getting a little crazy. I'm working like mad on dresses for one of my daughters wedding. Of course, I've waited too long, so now I'm rushed. The wedding is April 10th. The next two and a half weeks will be fun with family coming, and everything we do in preparation for her wedding

In between the rushing, I relax by making bread. I've used some recipes from this book.

You mix up some dough, and let it sit in the frig. til you want some bread. You can make a large loaf or something small. It's nice to adjust the size for how many people will be at dinner, or how much you want sitting, smelling wonderful, waiting to munch on.

It will be great to have a large amount of this on hand when the crowds descend in two weeks.

We took a little break and went to the Cannon Beach for a day. It was a little chilly, but I aways enjoy walking on the beach no matter the weather, just breathing the sea air.

Mmmmmm, Wonderful! We seem to enjoy the beach more than the many shops.

Then we stop and eat at one of the many cafes that serve fantastic food. This work of are is a gingerbread waffle topped with sliced pears and whipped cream.

I had this yummy Cobb salad.
Now I'm back home, sewing dresses. I'll get back to you soon.


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Look beyond the picket fence said...

First those pancakes look so good right now! They are a work of art! Bread looks good, too! I love salads! But, those pancakes!
I am looking forward to seeing the dress! Sounds like a busy couple of weeks ahead of you. Enjoy!