Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm not sure what it is lately. I have so many ideas. Maybe it's the coming of spring. Maybe it's the flowers blooming or their aroma. Maybe it's getting outside, saying good bye to winter. Maybe I'm getting use the the kids being gone. Maybe......it really doesn't matter. I have ideas and energy, and it's great! Here are two projects I've used some of this energy on. I so enjoy stitching. There was pleasure seeing these develop as I stitched along. Sometimes I work from a book. Sometimes I draw a pattern myself, then stitch. Sometimes I just start with a idea and start working and see what happens.
This is stitched on a wool/ poly blend, that has a nubby look and texture to it.
Actually, It started out as a pair of dress pants that I found at goodwill. They had a hole in them, and were frayed at the hem. Now there is new life in this bag.

Sweet little flowers and buds in a garden patch, circled with full bloomed flowers.

Lined in a light tan checked cotton, with a darker checked pocket to hold necessities.
Finished with a magnetic clasp.
For a completely different look is bag with a mix of applications.

Wool patchwork, topped with vintage buttons.

Wool applique, whipped stitched for a textured primitive look.

And embroidery.
It's amazing how quickly this kind of work goes. A quiet evening after working in the garden.
I am content.


Mindy said...

Beautiful stitching!

Look beyond the picket fence said...

I really love your bags. I looked for some wool the other day at Jo Ann's they did not have any I liked. Maybe, they have already put a lot of their wool away, seeing spring is almost here. I may take a ride to another fabric store, it's only 25 minutes away. You have inspired me, to make a bag. Glad you are in such a creative mood!

Debbie said...

Thank you Mindy and Denise. Denise, many times I find a wool jacket or skirt at goodwill. I take it apart, wash it, the use it. It helps keep things affordable. Have fun!

Krista said...

Gorgeous! Wonderful work.

Cordwood Cabin said...

It's beautiful! I love old-fashioned embroidery (although there's a touch of chic modern in it as well). Amazing how so many different little stitches form such perfect patterns.

Christine Crocker said...

good morning Debbie,

your handstitching is just beautiful and your bags are lovely.
happy March,