Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Break Is Over

Summer has been crazy! I know.....summer has been over for several weeks.....I'm not sure.......Well, it's Fall now, but let me tell you some of what summer was for me. The biggest news is our new grand baby. Emery is a little doll. Grandma gets a little spoiling time two afternoons a week, while mommy is at school. Lucky me!
I told you about Gerry breaking his ankle on Fathers Day. He is still walking with a brace because of nerve damage, (still trying to figure out how that happened....), so I have to drive him everywhere. Because of the driving time, about one hour to the office, an hour back, then again in the afternoon or evening to pick him up,I didn't have much gardening time.
Despite the neglect, the dahlias are gorgeous. We have had a cooler summer in the northwest, so many flowers have had a much longer bloom time. The veggies have taken much longer to arrive also. I'm really glad the corn season has been longer or I would have missed out. I was finally able to get some today. Yum!

Luscious organic corn, grown on a historic farm near our home.

We will enjoy this summer sunshine all winter.

Hopefully, I'm back to blogging now. I'm starting to be able to reclaim some time for myself. I've enjoyed visiting your sites for some relaxing moments. Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us out here.


Mindy said...

Congratulations on your new grand baby! I'm sure you are really enjoying your time together!
An hour drive to and from work, that's quite a commute!

Julia said...

Welcome back! We missed your blogging :)

Look beyond the picket fence said...

Emery, what a cute name for an adorable baby. Congratulations! I guess you have had a busy summer. It is nice to have you back! I wish our corn season was longer, I love fresh corn. Again, glad your back.

Old World Primitives said...

Hi Debbie,
It's great to see you back to blogging again! Emery is adorable... and your dahlias are beautiful! And you are lucky to still be in corn season, it is long past here. I hope that Gerry is able to get out of his brace soon!