Friday, April 16, 2010

Renewed Vows

Last year, on April 10th, Katheryn and Steven were married.
Gerry, my husband officiated.

Witnessed by myself, my daughter Sara, and son Paul.

It was a intimate time, at sunset, at Hagg Lake, not far from where we live. At the same time plans started for a small "wedding" on their first anniversary.

This past Saturday, April 10th, we celebrated with family and friends the first year of Katheryn and Stevens marriage. Head pieces, hats, and dresses reflected the chosen 40's theme.

Saturday morning, Katheryn jumped out of bed and crashed open the door when she heard her brother's voice. We didn't think he would be granted leave from the Marine Corp. to come home for the weekend. Everyone was screaming with happiness when he arrived. Katheryn was proud to have her younger brother escort her into the church.

The vows were renewed by candlelight.

Katheryn and Sara relaxing, watching pictures being taken.

All the daughters posed afterwards. It's not often that all of the family is together these days.
Today, all is quiet at home. Family is back to where they live - D.C., Montreal, Panama, Cali, and Portland. Soon, Sara will be home from school and track, the talk will begin, the louder music will start, activities to go back to normal.

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Cordwood Cabin said...

What a lovely event! Great photos commemorating a special occasion for the lucky couple.