Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Re Inspired

For years ( that's lots of years), I've handmade gifts for my children, friends and now grandchildren. Sometimes they are GREAT gifts, you know that kind that get the " OH WOW!" when opened. Sometimes "oh, nice." I always try for the first kind, but don't always get it. So this year, there is a little anxiety in thinking of what to make for the grand kids. After soooooo many years, it's hard to thing of something new. How do the designers do it????
This fall Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy, published her book, Stitched In Time. This book is full of ideas and projects, all with a whimsical air. There were projects that were new and then some projects that were not new, just a new flavor, a new updated presentation. I was inspired, or re inspired to make a few.
First project was the superhero cape. Each project I varied a little. This project I used a half circle instead of a quarter circle. I just liked the fuller look. I think most kids like lots of fabric billowing out behind them. Here we have Superhero of the universe, and Superheroine of the flowers.
Alicia's instructions were clear and complete, so putting the project together was fast and easy.
Next project was a pillow case. Actually two. One for a little boy who likes bugs. One for a little girl who likes pink. For the girls case I used some Daisy Kingdom fabric I had from when my older kids were young. For the case hem I used satin and embroidered their name - another change.
The third project was the grow chart. Sorry, it doesn't show well here. The 12 blocks going up the chart have a light block in them - so I was imagining bricks. At the bottom there is a double door, at the top in a window. Then a tape measure sewn through the blocks. The only change I made was using washed wool to edge the chart instead of bias tape.
I hope Alicia doesn't mind the changes. I think that is what's great about books like this. The author inspires us to be creative so that each person makes something unique.

How are your projects coming for your gift giving? I have more to do, so must leave for now. Hope you enjoy you gift making!


Alicia P. said...

Fantastic! I am so pleased that you enjoyed making these and I totally encourage any and all changes -- that's what makes the projects even more special. These are lovely gifts -- thank you for sharing them! xo

Farm Chick Paula said...

My gifts are coming along...(slowly..)
I can't show mine because some of my readers are the recipients!! (family)
I love the superhero cape! Too cute!

Lost Arts Guild said...

Lovely gifts and the changes make them unique. Photos of my gifts later as I'm trying to meet a deadline of having five fleece throws ready late afternoon.
God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.
Merry Christmas...