Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Turn the Page To July

July, for me, one of the intense months. By saying intense I'm thinking of several things. The intensity of the fire works on the forth, filling the sky, the sizzle, crackle, and booms. The smoke and sulfur, a thick haze floating to the ground like a blanket over everyone. The intensity at which we Americans are prone to play on our vacations. I don't do that, but it's all around me. The intensity of how fast and beautiful the plants are growing in the garden. The intensity of the sun. They intensity of the sky. I love to watch the sky change in the mornings and evenings, all the different shades of color. From midnight blues to clear light blues, with red, flaming orange, lavender and velvet purple in between. Enjoy it. Soak up the aura of July. Use it to be at your creative best and deepen your relationships. I'm looking forward to a full month, lots of family times. People coming and going. The laughter and sharing. Enjoying the intensity at a relaxed pace.


cityfarmer said...

Time just rolls on like a river.

I always think of all the birthdays in our family this month....nine I think

My dear dad will be 80 on the 18th!

thanks for our chat early this morning.

frenchcanadianmissionary said...

I was waiting for you to post it. We had our up a day early (on the inside of the cabinet door that I made for Martine... I think you would be proud.)



Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Soak up the aura of July, I do not mind if I do. Great post! I am a summer girl...a sunny day, a warm breeze and a cookout with friends...perfection. Throw in some fireworks and I am over the moon. I think I just described July 4.
I will soak up the aura of July!