Saturday, April 19, 2008

Snow, Track, and the Hospital

Snow! Snow??? I know in lots of the country snow is common mid April. But.... this is Western Oregon. Usually we are having a few cold days, but the weather would be warming. Coats would be in the closet until November. Shorts and lighter weight clothing would be the norm. Crazy! Not much snow, but anything over three flakes is news here. Anyway.........In the snow and cold rain I sent my last two kids off to a track meet.
Gerry and I were at this meet two days ago. There is something intimidating about 60+ kids doing their warm up run together. I'm so proud of my kids. They both run distance. In the fall they run cross country. It's a lot of time and commitment to train.

As Gery and I watch, we know it will be the last meet we see for a while. Tues., April 22, Gerry will go into the hospital for a nerve graft, and extensive facial lifting. Last year we discovered that Gerry had a brain tumor. Thankfully, non cancerous. It had been growing slowly for many years. Many symptoms he experienced were attributed to other things. As a result of the 9 hour surgery, the facial nerve on his right side was lost. He has not had the use of the right side of his face for a year. Doctors were hoping that the nerve would grow back. It hasn't. Tuesday, doctors will graft his facial nerve. Hopefully that will give him usage of his right side again. We won't know right away if this is successful. It will take time. Doctors will also lift that side of his face.
So..........I won't be blogging as often or visiting as much for a while. Sadly, I don't have a laptop. It would be lovely to occupy my time , visiting, as I wait and spend my days at the hospital.
I'm stocking up with embroidery and quilting items to take and do.

Thank you for your prayers. Each day this year is a walk with God, learning new things, growing in that deep personal space. He has been so faithful in our lives, not only this year, but for many years. So many blessing have come out of this situation. I don't know what is around this next cornnor of our lives, but I know God is there with us. I can rest in that.


homespun living said...

Hi Debbie,
I will certainly offer up some prayers for your husband; I do hope all goes very well for him. And, hope your knee is feeling better also.
I know what you mean about the weather ~ we had snow flurries last Sunday, and today it is sunny and around 80 degrees!

PAT said...

Good morning, Debbie...We are having some very interesting weather here in Missouri, this spring, also!

I will keep your husband in my prayers. Hope all goes well for him. A week from tomorrow, J will have his surgery. I wanted to have a laptop before then, but I don't think it's going to happen! I too have a bag of "goodies" to take along to the hospital.


Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I too, hope everything goes well for your husband.

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Just stopping by to say hi.