Monday, November 10, 2008

Embroidered Banner

I was sitting in my room, sewing room, studio?????? whatever.....I was in there working on a project for Christmas. Many times this seems to happen. I'll be a little bummed because I haven't been too inspired lately. I do some projects, but it's not too original, just a slight variation of someone else project. They are great projects, and fun to do. And really, ....Can one person always come up with something original? I find that working on a project seems to feed the creative spirit in me. Anyway,.....I was working on a project that I had seen in Somerset Life, and out of the blue, an idea hit me. Does this happen to you? I had seen several banners made out of paper for Thanksgiving. They were really nice, and I liked the idea, but I needed something a little smaller, maybe a little more primitive. The idea....I could embroider a small banner on some wool scraps.
I made one for Thanksgiving. Well, Why not one for Christmas? The project was very quick, and simple. No skills needed in embroidery or spilling. It's very primitive looking and blends well with our home. I have a few more strips of wool, so I'll do some more and longer ones too. I'm sure someone else has done this before, I just haven't seen it.

I need to keep in mind what I have embroidered - Give Thanks. And stop being bummed about silly things. Be thankful for the gifts that I have been given, and be grateful that I can use my gifts. My heart is full to be where I am right now. This season of Thanksgiving I want to express that and help create a spirit of thankfulness for what we have been blessed with, and what we can share with others.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Real End of Summer

We had a beautiful late summer. The trees were showing their colors. The weather was warm. Just right for walking and crunching leaves under foot. I love to walk along and kick and crunch the leaves. The fall tree colors are not as vivid here in the Northwest as in the Northeast. But it is beautiful. Last weekend, the rains came and are still here, bringing the leaves off the trees. We have cedar trees and big leaf maple trees in our yard.
You can see part of this old tree. It's amazing how many leaves are still on the tree when you see how many are on the ground.
It's fun to watch them flutter merrily to the ground. They are like helicopters spinning out of control, not knowing where to land. So many of them filling up all available space, covering everything. They are huge!
And lovely. If we have a few dry days next week, I think I'll make a big pile and jump in them.
I had been showing you a new calendar page each month before the computer went crazy this summer. Sorry I missed a couple of months. I finally was able to scan these.
November is gold stenciling, painted over with blue and white, for a icy look. The gold flourish stenciling doesn't show up well. Antique lace is added on the side. The lines dividing the numbered boxes is gold thread, sewn on in BIG stitches.
Wow! just one more page and it's over. I haven't started one for the new year. Still trying to decide if I will.
Thanksgiving this month. I'm so excited. Family will visit. I so look forward to the family times. It's busy and hectic, full of warm memories, late night talks, lots of laughter, hugs, watching everyone grow. One of my favorite times of year.